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The support is made of modified polypropylene and manufactured by injection in one piece. The polymer has a density similar to that of macrophytes (approximately 800 g), allowing it to float in water and support plants in flotation. The hexagonal piece measures 0.36 meters on each side and covers an area of 0.34 square meters.

SFVF installation in water basins

Our support design with triangular base substructure and hexagonal modules (each module contains 6 triangles) allows the union of these easily and effectively. There is also the option to split at the midpoint, adjusting the modular structures to the limits of the raft to a greater extent .
The system allows the use of accessories such as self-floating buoys and / or anchoring systems.

Taking advantage of its low density (approximately 0.7 g / cm3), macrophytes are excellent candidates for use in our system, as they weave a carpet of rhizomes floating in the water in a way that allows purification without affecting the environment.
The self-adjusting system allows the use of plants of different stages of development.

Patented system

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